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Stump Grinding and Removals

Serving Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville and Surrounding Areas

Most of the time when you cut down a tree, you are left with the stump. Some people are okay with having the stump in their yard but for many people it makes their plans for landscaping and gardening almost impossible. We can easily and efficiently remove that stump so that you can plant another tree or get started on a new garden or landscape idea.

One of the other main reasons that people look to remove stumps is that they are a breeding ground for pests and infections that could spread to the surrounding area. A lot of times the stump also becomes unsightly with sprouts of unhealthy new growth every spring.

With our professional equipment and experienced professionals, we can remove that stump and leave you with a nice, clean, new space in your garden.

Let Rooted Tree Services can remove that unsightly stump so you can:

Create a whole new landscaped environment or garden and make the whole area more healthy looking
Avoid the damaging look of wood decay that becomes a breeding ground for pests and infections
Not have to deal with the unattractive unhealthy regrowth and sprouts

One of our large stump grinders waiting to go to work.

Some of the work performed in arboriculture is very hazardous, and should only be conducted by experienced arborists, with the proper training, and equipment.
Did you know the homeowner is responsible for accidents that happen on your property?
This is why you should always ask to see your arborist’s Proof of Insurance Certificate and WSIB Clearance Certificate.
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