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Soil Care

Serving Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville and Surrounding Areas

At Rooted Tree Services, we understand that the health of a tree is dependent on a healthy soil system. In a forest, trees create their own food or natural fertilizer by shedding their leaves in the fall and branches naturally decaying on the forest floor. In urban environments the leaves and branches are cleaned up leaving nothing to return to the soil. Other plants and grasses are also depleting the nutrients found in the soil and environmental factors in the urban environment can also add harmful substances to the soil. Poor soil quality and nutrient deficiencies in urban landscapes are one of the leading causes of tree and shrub problems, making trees and shrubs susceptible to common pests and diseases. This can result in the decline of the tree or shrub, slow healing, dieback, stunted growth and in some cases eventual death to the tree or shrub.

Fortunately, there is much a qualified arborist can do to test and improve soil quality. Our popular services include:

Soil Testing:Take the guesswork out of finding the problem. We will analyze soil biology and nutrient levels in order to get an accurate picture of soil needs.
Air Spading:A new state-of-the-art technique that excavates dirt using compressed air, allowing for greater accuracy and less surrounding damage.
Pre-Construction Root Inspections:Rooted Tree Services has close ties to the construction industry and has unparalleled expertise at assessing potential tree complications. Proper planning before a construction project can help prevent expensive structural problems caused by tree roots, and also protect valuable trees from potential root damage.


Rooted Tree Services’ qualified arborists are happy to offer a FREE consultation to discuss your needs and consider customized soli care solutions.

Some of the work performed in arboriculture is very hazardous, and should only be conducted by experienced arborists, with the proper training, and equipment.
Did you know the homeowner is responsible for accidents that happen on your property?
This is why you should always ask to see your arborist’s Proof of Insurance Certificate and WSIB Clearance Certificate.
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