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Removal of Large or Dangerous Trees

Serving Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville and Surrounding Areas

At Rooted Tree Services we are proud to offer our customers the ease and efficiency of a one-stop-shop tree service, and this includes having the equipment and expertise to manage the removal of large or dangerous trees in-house. If you are faced with the prospect of removing a large or dangerous tree generally the safest and most cost effective way to remove the tree is to use a large crane in conjunction with the tree crew. Most other tree services do not have the appropriate equipment or qualifications to handle a crane removal. It is a fascinating yet highly dangerous operation. One that most definitely needs the expertise of a highly trained crane removal crew. Operated by the wrong people, crane removals can be extremely dangerous. However, at Rooted Tree Services, safety is our primary goal and we ensure we always use the appropriate size machine for the job, with qualified, experienced and insured teams.

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How does Rooted Tree Services remove a large or dangerous tree? Please look below to see a photo series on how we take down a large or dangerous tree.


Some of the work performed in arboriculture is very hazardous, and should only be conducted by experienced arborists, with the proper training, and equipment.
Did you know the homeowner is responsible for accidents that happen on your property?
This is why you should always ask to see your arborist’s Proof of Insurance Certificate and WSIB Clearance Certificate.
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