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Cable and Bracing

Serving Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville and Surrounding Areas

Cable and bracing can sometimes be used to strengthen or preserve potentially weak, split and dangerous trees, and to secure large branches that hang over structures such as a buildings, houses or well traveled paths or roads. There are a number of cable and bracing techniques, including static (steel fixed cable) or dynamic (non-invasive rope style) cabling depending on the needs of the tree to be protected.

Installed properly these systems can sometimes be an option to preserve a tree instead of complete removal. However, cabling and bracing are not appropriate for all trees and tree species. Age, condition and location are all factors that need to be carefully considered.

Our professional, qualified arborists can assess your tree and provide options and quotes for tree cabling or bracing, or provide other recommendations, as appropriate.

Some of the work performed in arboriculture is very hazardous, and should only be conducted by experienced arborists, with the proper training, and equipment.
Did you know the homeowner is responsible for accidents that happen on your property?
This is why you should always ask to see your arborist’s Proof of Insurance Certificate and WSIB Clearance Certificate.
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