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Ash Trees

Ash Trees across the GTA will all be infected with Emerald Ash Borer

rsz_ashbohr-2Ash Trees are a native species to Canada and currently make up 9% of our tree canopy in the GTA. Sadly, our 2,000,000 Ash Trees are all going to die. Emerald Ash Borer – a highly destructive green beetle native to Asia – has been infesting our Ash Trees since 2002. It is at a stage right now where treatment is not an option and the death of all of our Ash Trees is a certainty.


What should I do if I have an Ash Tree on my property?

If you have an Ash Tree on your property, it is probably already infected with EAB and will sadly need to be removed before it becomes dangerous. Ash Trees can be infected for years before they start showing signs of the disease.

As the GTA’s Top Ranked Arborist based Tree Service, we have been monitoring the disease and infection for more than a decade. Our primary goal is the preservation of the tree canopy so the coming death of 2,000,000 trees in our area is not something that we take lightly. Some people and municipalities in the GTA are using a product called TreeAzin to inject into Ash Trees in an effort to slow the growth of the beetle or stop the spread altogether. After years of study we have yet to see the effective treatment of even one single Ash Tree. It is our strong recommendation to not waste your money having your Ash Trees treated in the GTA.

At Rooted Tree Services, our ISA certified Arborists’ along with our highly efficient crews have successfully removed thousands of Ash Trees and we would be happy to send an arborist to assess your Ash Tree to provide a free quote for removal.


Am I responsible to cover the cost of removal?

Yes. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to cover the cost of the dead tree’s removal.


Can I just leave the dead Ash Tree on my property?

rsz_ashbohrNo. All municipalities within the GTA have a bylaw stating that you must remove any and all dead trees from your property.  If you choose to keep the dead tree and you are reported to Property Standards, you will receive an order to remove the tree and have 30 days to comply or the city will do it for you and put the inflated charge on your property tax bill.


Do I need a permit for removal?

No. Ash Trees infested with EAB are exempt from permits. Call us at Rooted Tree Services to find out what process you need to follow with the city to get the exemption.


Are there any government subsidies to help me financially?

No. The cities are responsible for the removal of their own city trees, and all private homeowners are responsible financially for the trees on their property.


Will I be left with a tree stump?

That’s up to you! Rooted Tree Services offers a full stump removal and grinding service.


Can I replace my tree?

You can certainly choose to plant a new tree, to help maintain your landscaping and the GTA’s tree canopy. Our arborists can help you select a tree that would flourish in your garden and we would be happy to provide a free quote for planting your tree.