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Trees and Climbers and Cranes…

Published on October 9, 2013 by in Uncategorized

Sharing Tips on the top 3 Reasons to Take Down Trees Using Cranes

Why use a Crane?

We here at Rooted Tree Services have seen our fair share of crane removal jobs over the course of the past few weeks. If it’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that when it comes to crane removals, they can prove to be extremely dangerous if operated by the wrong people and shouldn’t be attempted as a ‘DIY’ project on the weekend. When it comes to your removal job, only skilled arborists should be contacted who can offer the promise of ease and efficiency when working to remove large or dangerous trees from your home or property. Generally, the most expedient, safest and efficient way to remove large trees is with the use of cranes and a crew. At Rooted Tree Service, we ensure our qualified, experienced experts always use the appropriately sized machines and insured teams for the job. Unsure whether your removal job needs a crane or not? Here are the top three reasons why you may:

1)      If a tree is lying on a house after a storm: Without the support from above that a crane provides, a tree could roll off the house causing further damages or injury.


2)      Removing large trees from awkward spots: If a tree is close to houses, power lines or in the middle of a deck, some traditional methods of lowering the wood can’t be used.


3)      Expediency: It is often faster to secure huge pieces of trees above houses with cranes rather than using more traditional methods.


Traditional Jobs and Crane Jobs

In a traditional tree climbing removal job a climber will climb the tree and use ropes and pulleys to set up a rigging system with the crew on the ground. A chain saw would be used by the climber to cut the limbs while the ground crew use ropes to pull the cut pieces safely to the ground. During a crane removal job, the machine will suspend above the tree as the climber climbs to the limb and makes a cut generally a size equal to an entire average sized tree. The crane then lifts the cut piece over the house and lowers it to the ground where it gets processed by the ground crew.

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