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Emerald Ash Borer

Your Top FAQ Answered

Emerald Ash Borer has begun its infestation of Southern Ontario’s trees, and our local GTA neighborhoods haven’t been spared the destruction wrought by Asia’s native Ash tree reaper. It is expected that by 2017, 90% of Ash Trees in the GTA alone will have succumbed to the EAB — that’s 2,000,000 dead trees, and unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to stop the green critter from its devastation. If you are a homeowner with Ash Trees on your property, please feel free to call Rooted Tree Services for a free removal quote.

What is the EAB?

Emerald Ash Borer is a highly destructive green beetle native to Asia and is one of the most destructive non-native insects in the United States and Canada. Since its accidental introduction into North America in the 1990s, and its detection in 2002, it has spread to 14 states and adjacent parts of Canada. It has killed at least 50 to 100 million ash trees so far and threatens to kill most of the 7.5 billion ash trees throughout North America.

What are the signs of the EAB?

  • Many small sections of bark are stripped away leaving a peachy tan colour of bark underneath
  • Epocormic or stress growth starts appearing on the trunk. This is the tree’s ‘last ditch effort’ to save itself
  • The tree starts to die from the lower branches up. Then exit holes will begin to appear after the beetles emerge.
  • Adults are metallic blue-green.
  • Bodies are narrow and 8.5 to 14 mm long.
  • Larvae are a creamy white colour with a light brown head.

If the EAB has infested my tree, will it die?

Yes. The mortality rate of an infested Ash Tree is 100%

Is there a treatment?

Many people and municipalities in the GTA are using a product called TreeAzin to inject into Ash Trees in areas where the beetle has been spotted as a proactive approach to keeping the pest away from non-infested trees. However, our experiences at Rooted Tree Services haven’t seen any effective use of the product and don’t recommend spending your money on it.

What can I do if my Ash Tree is infested by the EAB?

Unfortunately, nothing. The best thing you can do is contact an arborist in your area for a removal quote and budget accordingly.

Am I responsible to cover the cost of removal?

Yes. As a property owner, it is your responsibility to cover the cost of the dead tree’s removal.

Can I just leave the dead Ash Tree on my property?

No. All municipalities within the GTA have a bylaw stating that you must remove any and all dead trees from your property.  If you choose to keep the dead tree and you are reported to Property Standards, you will receive an order to remove the tree and have 30 days to comply or the city will do it for you and put the inflated charge on your property tax bill.

Do I need a permit for removal?

No. Ash Trees infested with EAB are exempt from permits. Call us at Rooted Tree Services to find out what process you need to follow with the city to get the exemption.

Are there any government subsidies to help me financially?

No. The cities are responsible for the removal of their own city trees, and all private home owners are responsible financially for the trees on their property.

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