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Don’t Stress the Mess: Tips to Finding the Best Tree Removal Company

Published on August 29, 2013 by in Uncategorized

So, you’re looking to hire a professional? Good choice! That’s the first step homeowners should make when planning on undertaking tree service work on their property. DIY projects are both economical and enjoyable for the handy man in us all, but when it comes to broken tree limbs, overgrown trees, pruning, tree removals or any other type of tree service work- some jobs are best left to the professionals, and these are some of them. Damages and safety are a top priority, but these concerns should not have to be coupled with the remnants of a messy or half-hazard performed job. Follow these 3 tips to finding a professional tree care company so you don’t have to stress the mess or dispose of leftover evidence like smashed tree divots or chunks of wood left on your lawn.

Patience is a Virtue- Exercise it when pricing the Job!

Pricing will vary from company to company. Some tree removal companies are better equipped to deal with certain jobs and will try to over compensate for other jobs by bidding them high. If it’s busy season, a company may be swamped or sometimes they may be slow. Be patient when pricing the job. Shop around and negotiate, but keep in mind that tree work is not a commodity where only price matters. Some work may be tricky and dangerous and the dollar value may be representative of the risk being undertaken by the arborist. You may receive a higher quote from a more experienced, insured and well equipped company than you would from a smaller, less experienced provider. Check reviews, and do your homework. The higher price may ensure a higher level of satisfaction.

Don’t give any Money up Front

A reputable and professional tree service company should never ask for any money up front. A home contractor may ask for dollars at the beginning of a job so that materials can be purchased (if they don’t already have them), but there is zero reason for any professional to ask for a down payment for services rendered. Check for reviews or for any ‘horror stories’ from companies requesting payment up front and then continuing with mediocre results. or social media platforms are great resources to check on a company’s reputation. You should never pay anything until the job is completed to your satisfaction. This is the reason why we at Rooted Tree Services offer free quotes in writing for our jobs and always leave the property immaculate. Oftentimes, our satisfied clients even give us a shout out on a job well down on their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Many testimonials can also be found on our website.

Check for Safety Gear

Professional arborists, whether they are on the ground personnel or up in the air, should at least be using helmets with face shields or protective glasses, steel toe boots, and should also be wearing proper industry approved chain saw pants with Kevlar. Climbers should be in safety and climbing gear with a proper saddle, helmet, glasses, steel toe boots, chainsaw pants and arborist climbing ropes. Specially designed gear will keep the workers safe, your home safe, and the job running smoothly. A company that cares for the wellbeing of its employees is a company that will care for the wellbeing of your home.

If you live in the GTA and find yourself in need of any tree work, give us a call, and we would be more than happy to provide you with a free quote.

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