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Home Uncategorized Have the Recent Storms Left you with a whole New Meaning to the Word ‘Tree House’?

Have the Recent Storms Left you with a whole New Meaning to the Word ‘Tree House’?

Published on August 1, 2013 by in Uncategorized

You have a house. You have trees. The thought of having a house in one of your trees was probably a thrilling prospect to your twelve year old self, however; waking up to a tree in your house would most likely have the opposite effect on your adult person.  The recent storms have wreaked havoc on our GTA neighborhoods; and Rooted Tree Services is available 24/7 to remove any trees, limbs, or other related debris no matter what inclement weather or accident may be the cause of the damage to your home or property.

Within an hour of receiving your call, we will send an estimator to your residential or commercial property to assess the damage and provide a free quote for removal. Rooted Tree Services uses large cranes for our emergency jobs and over the past week, we have responded to and successfully completed complicated, risky jobs that other companies have turned down.

Emergency Situations

What constitutes as an Emergency situation? A tree or tree limb that has fallen onto or into your home, car, fence, pool or other areas on your property will certainly qualify as an emergency situation. Precariously dangling tree limbs, uprooted or partially uprooted trees or any other situation where you feel your property or safety is at risk can also constitute as an emergency. These incidences need to be dealt with immediately to eliminate the chances of further damages or any unsafe situations that can unfold.


Recent Jobs

Two days ago, Rooted Tree Services removed a 7200 pound tree limb that was dangerously hanging from a tree impaling two roofs and weighing across three others. Three other companies had refused to do the job.Our team of arborists immediately brought a 75 and a 45 ton crane plus three large 5 ton tree trucks to the houses. We secured the tree with one crane and then lifted the entire 7200 pound limb up and over the house with the other crane. No damage at all. We also completed several other crane removals as well as took a tree out of a squashed car.



Rooted Tree Services is often contracted by insurance companies to do their tree work. Sometimes a home is covered and sometimes not. If you are unsure whether or not your property is covered under your policy, we recommend you contact your insurance provider directly to check.

If you require immediate emergency services, contact us today. There is no job too big for our qualified team. Reach us at 1-855-766-8331.

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